Invisible Fence®

"Pricey but effective"
-James Canton, TX
"Great battery life on collars"
-Scott Clinton, IL
"Works with 2 dogs"
-Laura Cleveland, OH
"Kept my dog in the yard"
-Jennifer Columbia, MO

Invisible Fence makes use of wires that are discreetly buried underground to form a perimeter by Invisible Fence personnel.


My dog is so much happier!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the Invisible Fence® Brand. My dog is so much happier and so are we. We feel a lot more relaxed about just enjoying our dog and not worrying about her safety. – Judith, originally posted to

Lucy has trained so well with the Invisible Fence®!

Lucy has trained so well with the Invisible Fence® Brand. Lucy can use the front yard in addition to the back yard and we are so amazed! Kids, scooters, bikes and other dogs come by and Lucy stays in her yard. – The Jackson Family, originally posted to

Not a DIYer? This product is for you

If you are looking for a dog containment system but do not want a Do-It-Yourself solution and would rather have a professional come out and install the fence….this is the product for you. A professional will come out and install the dog fence which does include digging up your yard to install the buried wire. This fence is also a permanent fixture also, unless you want to dig up the wire when you are moving. The correction from the collar is VERY powerful and has been seen to be a bit too powerful for a small dog. There is no ability to adjust the correction also so that needs to be taken into account prior to purchase. As you would expect, since a professional is coming out to install the fence, the price tag on this option is pretty high, ranging from $1000 to $2500 depending upon the size of your yard. – Karen

Good solution, but collar isn’t adjustable

When the options are putting in a physical barrier fence or a fenceless option, Invisible Fence® provides a valuable solution with their professionally installed underground dog fence. This has the ability to be contoured to your property so that you can maximize the play area for your dog. A valuable option for people who do not have a standard yard. However, correction level on the collar is non-adjustable and can be too excessive for smaller dogs. – Chuck