PetSafe® Stay and Play Wireless Fence

"A good unit all together"
-Allison Greenfield, MA
"Adjustable collar fit my dog well"
-Jimmy Sante Fe, NM
"Setup was relatively easy"
-Neil Portland, OR
"Unit is a little big but it works"
-Theresa Fresco, CA

The Stay + Play Wireless fence offers a roaming area of up to three-fourths of an acre and is designed for dogs weighing at least five pounds.


Doesn’t work. What a waste of money.

It never starts beeping/shocking in the same place twice. It is completely random. – Eric M, originally posted on Amazon


great i love it works very well took only a few days to train the dog easy to set up1 – Wendy W., originally posted on Amazon

Varying range depending on weather

We bought this in hopes that we would be able to feel confident our pets wouldn’t leave our yard. Unfortunately, the range would vary so the flags had to moved as much as 10 feet. It seemed early in the morning and in the evening the range was farther but mid-day the range was less. We have an 8 year old and a 10 month old Labrador retriever , the 8 year old was somewhat confused but the puppy seemed to be extremely confused with this. – Sheri, originally posted on Amazon

Does what it claims

I bought this wireless fence because I cannot lay wire around my property due to cement work. I have 3 collars working off the unit and my 3/4 acre property is covered very well (to where I want my dogs going). I have a 65# lab doodle, a 15# shihpoo and a lab pup who is training on the collar (he is 12 weeks as of this review so we use tone and setting 1). I don’t leave my dogs outside for hours unattended because my shihpoo will charge through the perimeter if he sees a squirrel (only squirrels cause him to break through) but I truly enjoy this system. Collars come off at nite, on in morning and I charge once a week unless for some reason one collar/one dog has been challenging his boundary more than usual. Battery lasts awesome. The audible warning chirp isn’t so loud that it is annoying, really only the dogs hear it. I love the fact I can take it with me camping or to a friends or up north. Well worth the investment. –Jennifer Villiard, originally posted on Amazon

Transmitter are not reliable

I like the concept, but the reliability is poor. I purchased one of these and then added a second transmitter to increase the roaming area. The first transmitter stopped working after about 3 weeks of operation, and now the second transmitter has stopped after two weeks of operation. I will probably need to find another solution. –Adam Hefner, originally posted on Amazon.

Disappointing longevity

Let me start by saying that when it works, the Petsafe Stay and Play is a simple to use and very effective pet containment system. My problem with this product is that within two years I have had to replace the original collar, the second collar I purchased for our second dog, and now the transmitter is bad. $350 for the system, $110 for the second collar, $220 in replacement collars, and now $200 for a new transmitter if I want a working “fence”. Quite frankly I’m reticent to spend the money, as I can not trust the collars to last more than another six months. I had a Petsafe in ground system at my previous home and never had an issue with it, if you are interested in a Petsafe product I would recommend going that route as their wireless system is poorly designed and constructed at best. -Owen Thiel, originally posted on

Works great!

Very easy to set up and keeps both my dogs in the yard. The collars last longer than other products I have tried! I only wish is was wider than 100 feet, I should have read the information more carefully. -Kelly M. Ballam, originally posted on Amazon

Works very well for 100lb dog

Have has this fence for 1 year for 100lb Rottweiler pittbull mix, he was a very bad wanderer before getting this. It has changed all of our lives. He loves being able to lounge in the yard without worry. Sometimes people get freaked because they can’t see a fence but he never, and I mean never, strays. He knows exactly where the boundaries are. I notified it malfunctioned at our old duplex a few times, but it was an old building with a lot of concrete. Have had no problems in the new place. Love it! Constantly recommending it. -Kiah Palumbo, originally posted on Amazon