Havahart® Wireless Radial-Shape 2 Dog Fence

"Super Easy Setup!"
-Amy Napersville, IL
"No Digging Required! My grass looks great!"
-Oliver Kansas City, MO
"The adjustable correction feature is a great benefit"
-Samantha Albany, NY
"Even works with 2 dogs"
-Jeffrey Asheville, NC

The Havahart® Wireless Radial-Shape2 Wireless system stretches the boundaries of wireless dog fencing to provide a Roaming Area of up to 400-foot radius.


Just not designed for Stucco Homes.

had to send it back due to having a stucco / concrete home. The radius just wasn’t consistent for our dog. This was specified in the Manual that it might cause a problem with these kind of homes. Others with wooden homes will prolly have better results. – CD VanDevender “cdv2000,” originally posted on Amazon

Almost 3 years of Freedom!

We have had this system for almost 3 years now. My dog is a 60 pound cattle dog that loves to chase foxes, squirrels, strange dogs and even a mountain lion, once, but I think he learned a lesson with that one. This system has given our dog the freedom to go into the neighbors woods (we asked permission of course) and into the empty lot next to us without us having to bury a cable. I like that the shock continues to happen for a few minutes after he has crossed the perimeter. This is enough to make him come back 99% of the time. (The other 1% is when a fox sits right beyond his reach and mocks him until our dog thinks the pain is worth it.)

He has had it so long now that I can unplug it, take it to a friends house, set up new perimeters and he knows to come back toward the house when it beeps. This is great for when we go out of town and he stays with people that don’t have a fence. Its like having a portable play pen!
We learned from trial and error that it is important that the collar is snug and we must always place it beneath his normal collar towards his body so he gets the full effect of the shock. We keep it on a table next to the door and only put it on when he is going out. After using it everyday for close to 3 years our collar finally died, probably from water damage. High price tag for a replacement, but definitely worth it. I don’t understand the battery complaints, unless they got a lemon. I usually only have to change out the battery every 2 weeks, which is no big deal since one is in the charger always ready to go. Between the green light on the collar and the monitor registering the power in the battery I have never had one go dead. The system even beeps to let you know the battery is dead.

Fantastic system – especially if you have plenty of room for your dog to roam in or you want a portable system. – KHH “Homeschool mom,” originally posted on Amazon

What a find!

We live on 28 acres and our dogs liked to roam around and visit the neighbors while we were at work. We put the collar on our biggest dog when they are going outside and they stay right in our yard. You can set the distance that you want your pets to be able to access so with an acreage it work great. We will never be without this system again. -Kathryn Reinhardt, originally posted on Amazon

Trigger Zone too variable

The trigger zone was too wide and variable. When we tried to place the training flags, they could vary by 3 or for feet in distance. It was very frustrating to try and map out the yard. -D Chase, originally posted on Amazon

Poor Quality & Poor Customer Service, waste of $500.00

We originally purchased the average dog size collar with an additional small dog size collar, spending $500 on the system. We purchased this in July of 2012.

We soon had issues with the large collar falling apart. The fabric did not hold up and we actually lost the collar for a while because it fell off of our dog. (We live on 10 acres). When we called them, they refused to replace it without a collar for us to send to them to “repair”. Luckily we found the collar within the week and were able to send it in.

We had to send the collar in twice within a year due to the fabric falling apart and the collar falling off of our dog. We just had the same problem AGAIN. I just called them to get the information needed to send the collar in again and they refused to fix it saying the one year warranty had passed. I had been previously told on the phone that the warranty would extend a year every time the collar had to be fixed. Clearly that was not the truth.

Now we are out a collar for our dog and they will do nothing to fix the situation. Very frustrating. –Elizabeth J Madl, originally posted on Amazon.


Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback regarding our Havahart® Wireless products. We apologize that the nylon straps you received did not live up to our typically high standards. This feedback has been shared with our Product Managers for use in our quality control measures.

If a collar would need to be replaced, the one year warranty is based on the original date of purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience. While the collar would be considered outside of the warranty, additional nylon straps are available to be purchased separately without the need to replace the entire collar.

Our Consumer Relations Specialists are available Monday through Saturday. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-800-1819 x 453 with any questions.

Best Regards,
Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation
Havahart® Wireless

Good tool

Works great. 65 lb German Shepard 9mnths. Follow directions, dog knows to be mindful of the flags. We live on a large 3 acre property. only issue was interference behind Rv, think it was blocking the signal. Our dog knew not to go by the flags, do its ok. He can push through the shock if he wants to, I guess that’s where us owners need to spend the time training him to use the flags as a que. he broke barrier 2x, trying to follow our kids on a bike ride, easily walked him back and he knew he was doing bad. -Salvador Serrano, originally posted on Amazon

Instills Fear in My Dog, Batteries are difficult

The collar is effective in that it instills fear in my dog when approaching our yard’s boundaries. On the other hand the batteries need to be changed EVERY day and it’s nearly impossible to do so… which makes sense as you don’t want the batteries falling out somewhere but you’d think they would have come up with something better. – PuffyPinkCow, originally posted on Amazon

Works Well

We use this system at our family business, which is located on our 65 acre farm. This Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence has worked so well to contain our 8 month old dog so we don’t have to search for her that we plan on getting another one in the near future for our house! She was already used to shock collars so she always comes running back into the yard when she hears the warning tone.

We also considered the PetSafe system, but decided to go with the Havahart Wireless system which gives us a larger roaming area for our dog. The setup of the system was really easy, it didn’t take me long at all. It has given our dog the freedom to go outside and enjoy playing, even when we don’t have the time to watch her. – Heather, originally posted on www.havahartwireless.com